Let’s Visit Agam

Agam is one of beautiful spots of West Sumatera.It is decorated with lake, rivers, hills, mountains, beach and sea. These various forms of topography really present breathtakingly beautiful view. And, the culture of its people adds uniquess to Agam. These all give us inspiration to create and do many activities to spend time and enjoy life in the tourist spots.

Up till now, Agam has done several international events that have attracted intention of people from various countries.


This annual activity if followed by of-roaders around the world. This year, it is conducted on December 16.

2. Maninjau Festival

This folk festivity is about something old and new. It shows the traditional culture and arts of Minangkabau Tribe, such as the song, drama, music, and sport, and the new things, like, paragliding and new year celebration. It is done around the beautiful Lake Maninjau each year on December. This Year, it is conducted on December 26,2004 until January 1, 2005

3. Paragliding

Agam is also potential for the aero-sport ‘paragliding’. This activity, which is conducted on May each year has attracted attention of many foreign pilots.

4. Dragon Boat Race

This water is done on Lake Maninjau annually. It usually takes place on August.

Come, See, and enjoy the enchanted view of Agam…. Through enjoyable, challenging activities…

(December 16, 2004)
“Ride Through winding roads between green hills and valleys, wgile enjoying beautiful view and cool air”

Maninjau Festival
(December 26, 2004 – January 1, 2005, each year)
“See the Uniqueness of the people’s and arts and enjoy the beautiful panorama of hilly area and lake”

Paragliding & Folk Festivity
(May, each Year)
“Enjoy the panoramic view of hills, lake and sea from the sky”

Dragon-Boat Race & Folk Festivity
(August, each Year)
“Row your canoe, breathe fresh air, and see the scenic, fresh view”

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